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This portal aim to provide information about arrival dates of different guests visiting Dhiffushi. We combine all guests coming in similar time frame and arrange transfer together so each guest pay less

Guests can WhatsApp/Email us about their transfer requirements and we will add them in our portal. Alternatively they can send request to join a trip already arranged by another group of guests. The following link you will show information about trips, prices and so on...We charged based on number of guests travel, if more guests travel each guest have to pay less

We are Stronger Together - “Lets Share Transfer” concept

Maldives is seperated by Sea. Transport bwtween islands are by Speedboats or Ferryboats. Ferryboats are slower, Speedboats are Expensive. We try to collect arrival and depature information of guests and help to combine transfer so each guests can pay lower price

We dont require your personal data, just check the “lets share transfer requests” and send us email/WhatsApp to book your seats.

Current best price is USD 35 per person per way

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Our Main objective is to get best possible price lower than USD 35


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